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    Greatest Show Templates

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    Wish you could create a fun and flashy design with lens flare effects, spotlights, and marquee signs for your logo, banner, or show flyer?

    With these show style templates, you can make a design that stands out boldly (and in lights)! 

    Creating your own graphics for your small business... even if it’s not show or entertainment-related… can’t get any easier.

    Design show-stopping images that’ll make you stand out in the crowd even without design experience, Photoshop, or any advanced program built for designers.

    Show Logo Maker (get noticed)

    Create the perfect show logo or creative design that’ll remind you, and everyone who sees it, of Hollywood, theatre, and stage shows. 

    Choose a professionally designed template and then swap out graphics or just modify the text or font. The Show Logo Maker Templates will get your online business noticed by helping you create a unique brand logo design in all sizes.

    Save your logo as a transparent PNG so it can be placed anywhere and everywhere you need it… on your website or business card, as a profile image, or on a product.

    Show Banner Maker (perfect for advertisements and announcements)

    Re-size the canvas to make a show flyer or informational graphic. The canvas extends up to 10,000 X 10,000!

    You can add cool backgrounds and graphic elements including stars, spotlights, and stage graphics.  Then add light flares, a lens flare overlay, marquee sign, or spotlight.  

    Make a banner or flyer for social media marketing, digital advertising, to include in an email, or to place on your website. 

    Transparent PNG Marquee Sign and Theatre Logo Design

    Put your name in stars and lights!

    Choose a marquee sign, theatre image, or stage graphic. Then edit it by selecting fonts, colors, and design elements to create your own theatre logo or marquee announcement.

    Save your image as a transparent PNG and you’ll be able to use your design online anywhere you want to.


    Over 75 beautiful show logo and banner maker templates to customize!

    Show Logo Maker Templates Features

    • Stop the show: These flashy design templates are new and different from your competitors... to help you stand out!

    • Create stunning, fun images for your online business: Use them on social media, your website, your blog, in emails, or for advertising

    • It’s not only a show banner maker and a logo maker, you can create graphic images for announcements and invitations too

    • 75 done-for-you show-stopping design templates

    • Make an attention-grabbing show logo or banner

    • Hundreds of design elements to help you get really creative: Light flares, lens flare overlays, spotlights, marquee lights, billboards, stage backgrounds, stars, and more

    • Drag and drop design elements and tools make it easy to create the perfect show... and there’s always room to get a little showy with your own creative touch

    • Import JPG or PNG images and video backgrounds!

    • Save as JPG, PNG, Transparent PNG, or as an animated design (if using a video background)

    • Commercial license to resell your creations included!


    • How do I create with the Show Logo and Banner Maker Templates?

      Download and install the free Graphics Creator software that comes with it (you only need to do this once). Then download and install the Show Logo Maker templates and graphics. 

      The pre-designed templates already contain awesome backgrounds and cool design elements. But if you want to switch out show logo elements, click on the “elements” menu at the top.

      So, just choose a template or start with a blank canvas (you can re-size your canvas as big as 10,000 X 10,000!). Laughingbird Software’s show and banner maker templates allow you to drag and drop graphics (including lens flare effects, light flares, marquee signs, spotlights, etc.) as you like.

      Watch the quick video above to see how easy it is to design and use images for social media marketing!

    • Is the software Windows and Mac compatible?

      Yes to both!

    • Can I design attention-grabbing images even if I’m not a designer?

      Yes! You can get started with the pre-designed templates and just click and slide graphics and elements where you’d like them to go…. in just minutes.

      And, when you’re ready, you can play around with the images to create your own custom designs.

      If you have multiple templates and graphics sets for The Graphics Creator, then you can mix and match design elements from each one (just by searching for what you want under the “Elements” menu.

    • What can I do with my show logo, banner, or design?

      You can export it as a JPG, PNG to grab the whole image. Or you can save it as a transparent PNG and place it pretty much anywhere. 

      For example, if it’s a logo design, you’d download it as a transparent PNG and add it to your business card, email newsletter, or on each page of your website.

      If you’ve created a banner, however, you’ll want to save it as a JPG or PNG, so that you can download the entire image with the background.



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