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    Scenery Maker Templates with PNG Design Backgrounds

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    Design with Layers… without Photoshop or Design Skills!

    Wish you could easily create scenes for art projects and backgrounds design? Unfortunately, making realistic scenes without Photoshop knowledge hasn’t been an option. But with the Scenery Maker templates and hundreds of background design elements, it’s now accessible to non-designers.

    If you’ve tried designing with layers in Photoshop, you know it’s tricky and time-consuming. And, you end up with PSD files that can’t be edited anywhere else.

    Alternatively, the Scenery Maker helps you create scenes surprisingly easily with transparent png graphics! This means you can layer design elements on top of each other and put them in front of or behind other elements in a snap. 

    The reality is that you can design with layers without Photoshop and if you're not a designer.

    How to Design with Layers

    Create scenes with layers just by dragging and dropping them onto the canvas of The Graphics Creator software (which comes with these scenery creator templates for free).

    You can create all kinds of background images and cool scenery backgrounds with the design elements, photos, and videos included royalty-free. And even import your own photos or graphics into your design.

    So, now you can make graphics like a designer but without any graphic design skills or hard-to-learn software.  


    How to Create a 3D Scene with PNG Layer Design Elements

    These unique, realistic scene templates are fantastic for building a scene, inspirational quotes, or to use on social media. And they're really cool to use over motion graphics backgrounds. 

    The Scenery Maker's easy-to-use, pre-cut PNG graphics can be layered on top of any background image. Or they can make up the entire scenery background! 

    Mix and match trees, flowers, ocean, and sky for your own tropical design. Or use a cityscape, road, and boulders for a big city destination! Just play around using several layers of graphics to design a 3D image... others will think you created it with Photoshop!

    Plus, get as creative as you like by importing other images and photos. Use the scenery backgrounds and png graphics to start looking like a professional designer!

    Scenery Maker Templates and PNG Design Backgrounds Features

    • Layered background design elements and pre-made templates to create scenery backgrounds with transparent png layers (get a 3-dimensional look)

    • No Photoshop knowledge required!

    • Get as creative as you desire! Each png layer graphic can be layered in front of or behind another

    • 50 ready-made template designs

    • PLUS hundreds of realistic, transparent PNG images including boulders, trees, clouds, flowers, buildings, suns, and more

    • Import your own logo, images, and backgrounds (try using a motion background)

    • Export final design as JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG

    • You can get started fast and complete a design in less than five minutes... but there’s always room to go wildly creative

    • Commercial license to resell your creations included!


    • BONUS: 40 free templates with your very first purchase of any template set
    • For use with The Graphics Creator 8 downloadable software:  It's loaded with built-in tools, so you can learn fast and get your design project done in no time
    • Win/Mac compatible
    • Software download



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