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    Create-A-Scene Creature Feature

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    Imagine a dusty, dark room covered in cobwebs and barely enough light to see with. Something is moving in the dark, you don't want to hit the light switch for fear of some otherworldly hand touching yours 

    Create a scary scene using these frighteningly themed graphics and your imagination... WITHOUT PHOTOSHOP!

    The Laughingbird Create a Scene: Creature Feature Horror Show

    Scary Scene Creator - Create a Scene by Laughingbird Software

    Create unlimited spooky designs for your next project, presentation, event, product (including Print on Demand), or social media promotion in minutes.

    Use the hundreds of movable PNG elements along with the real photos, art images, and animated backgrounds that come with them!

    This cool scene creator helps you create Horror-themed designs, mockups, and unique art showcasing horror stories that you've only heard during campfires.

    Create a scene for online social media ads, websites, product presentations, book covers, and more. 

     Make a scene like this to tell a story... with graphics! 

    Create a scene series - create scary, horror graphics


    Or print your creation on an invitation, flyer, wall art, or even a t-shirt, mug, or mousepad!

    The Wild West scenery PNG elements are transparent and movable. These graphics are perfect to use in The Graphics Creator (get the software for free with purchase)!

    You can also use them in your favorite visual editor or other graphic design software (including Photoshop)!


    Laughingbird Create A Scene, Creature Feature Download Includes:

    • Customizable, movable, and scalable PNG graphics and video backgrounds

    • 500+ Movable western graphics, cowboy art, desert photos, characters, and transparent design layers

    • 70¬†Background scenes and 40 foreground¬†elements

    • 30¬†Video¬†backgrounds

    • 160 PNG Characters


    How to Use This Scene Maker to Design With Layers (using The Graphics Creator)

    • Drag and drop design elements onto The Graphics Creator‚Äôs huge canvas (10,000 X 10,000)

    • Scale, rotate, and move PNG design layers in any way you can imagine

    • Add text and try out new fonts

    • Add a photo, art image, or video background and use "Send to Back" from the menu‚Ķ then simply drag and drop other western-themed PNG elements right onto the image

    • Or, of course, you can customize old west backgrounds by changing colors (use The Graphics Creator‚Äôs color picking tool) and adding textures

    • Consider adding an isolated shadow, text outline, or color overlay to any graphic or your text

    • Use the opacity tool to make any design element, image, or text, lighter or darker

    • Import any other jpg or png graphics and images... layer with more transparent images and graphics

    • Use the included video backgrounds or import your own

    • Use along with any Graphics Creator templates and elements

    • Many more effects and unlimited creative options

    • Create A Scene graphics can be used in¬†both the online and downloadable Graphics Creator software


    How to use these for commercial and personal use:

    You CAN:

    Create your own designs for t-shirts, mugs, or printable items to give away or for resale.

    Make your own mockups.

    Design art, web design, graphics, presentations, ads, educational material, etc. for any commercial use including resale.

    You CANNOT:

    Sell, give away, or re-distribute this package as a whole or any individual png graphics, images, backgrounds, or files.


    Digital Download Delivery:

    Instant Download once payment is confirmed.

    Have any questions?

    We're here to help you in any way possible. Just contact us here! 


    Create marketing ads - Create a scene, Creature Feature by Laughingbird Software




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