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    Brain Teasers Puzzle Templates

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    Colorful and unique puzzle templates make it easy to design your own brain teasers pictures with logic questions and fun puzzles.

    These brain teaser images can be customized for middle school and elementary students, college students, adults, and seniors. So they’re perfect for the office, as a social media post on Facebook (maybe it’ll become a viral puzzle!), for team building, for a fun classroom activity, and really any idea you think up.

    Create a Brain Teaser for Adults and Seniors

    You can start by choosing a puzzle template with a brain teaser question or a logic puzzle.

    For example, you might choose a template with a tricky logic question for a business meeting or fun adult challenge. 

    logic word puzzle brain teaser

    Alternatively, you can pick an easier, colorful template with a simple question for seniors to help increase brain activity and have fun (e.g., “Who would you take with you if you were stranded on an island?”).

    Once you’ve chosen a template you might like to add a different background image, change the colors of the puzzle elements, or edit the text to make your own question. Get creative with the graphics and make your own images of brain-teasing riddles for adults!

    Make Brain Teaser Games and Visual Puzzles for Students

    The best brain teaser puzzles and games are colorful and fun! This makes them perfect for sharing with students, teachers, and other educators. 

    Wondering how to get your elementary students energized during the afternoon slump? Create a visual brain teaser puzzle in minutes with any template (while your classroom is working on another task).

    Good visuals can combat a low-energy classroom or child by increasing enjoyment, focus, and attention! Make an image with a challenging riddle for your middle school classroom and you’ll become their favorite teacher.

    Get creative:  Use a puzzle template to design a visual brain teaser for a quiz... or make a variety of brain teasers pictures for math time. 

    Brain teasers puzzle templates can be customized

    Modify this in seconds! Just replace the character!

    How to Design a Viral Puzzle for Facebook

    Have you ever run across a Facebook post that has hundreds of answers and wondered how they got all those people to respond? There’s a good chance that the post asks a fun or challenging riddle or includes a logic puzzle to be solved… this is why we call it a viral puzzle!

    Choose a template, customize it (or not!), and post it on your Facebook page or group. 

    It’s hilarious to see all of the different answers you’ll get to the same brain teaser challenges. Some of them really are a challenge while others have no right or wrong answers.

    By creating with the Brain Teaser Puzzle Templates, you can design a post with a brain teaser image in minutes… and start a viral post on Facebook or other social media channels fast.

    How to Customize the Brain Teasers Pictures and Questions

    Ready to make your first brain-teasing puzzle image?

    You’ll just open the Graphics Creator software (included with your puzzle templates) and select a template to begin.

    To customize a visual puzzle in less than two minutes, just add your logo or school emblem! If you have a few more minutes, you can change the font to make it more kid-friendly or swap out objects that’ll resonate with adults.

    Of course, like any Graphics Creator template, you can personalize your image 100% if you’d like. Modify, shapes, colors, opacity, text, background, and more.

    Number puzzle template to solve

    Here are the best things about these design templates...

    You’ll get templates that have brain teaser riddles with answers (so you don’t have to figure out the solution by yourself)!

    Brain Teasers Puzzle Templates Features

    • Brain-teasing, fun, and challenging puzzle templates that you can customize!!!

    • Customize brain teaser games, riddles, and logic puzzles for your business, community, or classroom in less than 2 minutes!

    • 30 unique puzzle templates and brain teasers pictures

    • Hundreds of design elements and backgrounds

    • Import your own designs, backgrounds, and logos

    • Export as JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG

    • Add your creative touch through easy drag and drop design and a few clicks of the mouse

    • Commercial license to resell your created designs included!


    How do I create with the Brain Teasers Puzzle Templates?

    If you haven’t already downloaded and installed The Graphics Creator, do that first. Then download and install the puzzle templates and graphics.

    These templates make it super easy to make a brain teaser your own. You can simply use “as is”, add a logo or classroom graphic, or fully edit the image, design objects, and text!

    Is the software Windows and Mac compatible?

    You bet! It works on both platforms!

    Do I need to be a graphic designer to create a puzzle or riddle image?

    Nope. In fact, you don’t need to have any design experience at all! Just drag and drop images and use the menu items to create what you want.

    But if you need some creative advice, you can always head to our learning center.

    What can I do with my finished puzzle image?

    Anything you want! Print it out for your students, send it through email to your employees, post it to social media, and more!

    You can even create your own puzzle designs and brain teaser images to sell to others!



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