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    About Us

    Marc and Lisa Sylvester - Laughingbird Software

    We’re Marc & Lisa Sylvester and we’re ready to help you create the graphics you need for your small business without the stress and overwhelm… even if you don’t have any design skills.

    Being entrepreneurs for over 20 years, we know first-hand how hard it is to reach success with limited time, money, and resources.

    So we’ve created design software that’ll make it easy for you to grow your business with graphics you can make in minutes! Forget complicated tools or having to spend tons of money hiring a designer.

    With ready-made design templates and unique attention-grabbing graphic elements, you’ll grow your business fast with more clicks and more sales.

    Want to learn more about using The Graphics Creator software to design for your business? Ask the amazing Creatorpreneurs that love and use the software (some of them for over 15 years)!

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    Support and Contact

    Need ideas, have an account issue, or want to learn how to create a graphic you need step-by-step?

    Take a look here:

    History of Laughingbird Software

    Laughingbird Software has been creating helpful software since 2001 and our #1 goal is still the same:  To help your small business grow bigger!

    Now way back in the year 2000 (no joke!), Marc Sylvester was designing websites and logos for business clients. He noticed that his clients were always wanting to tweak their designs and add their own creative input.

    So he took their desires to heart and decided to create the very first EVER logo design software, The Logo Creator. From then on, small businesses and professionals were able to make their own logos and revise them as many times as they wanted.

    This was when Laughingbird Software was born (originally named Laughingbird Productions).

    In the years since, we’ve both focused on creating newer and better software as well as a wide range of graphics and templates that’ll help you grow your business.

    Marc and Lisa Sylvester - Laughingbird Software

    Become a Creatorpreneur

    Three kids and 20 years later, we’re the first to admit that being entrepreneurs isn’t easy!

    However, we also agree that we wouldn’t trade the incredible satisfaction of helping other entrepreneurs grow their small businesses through visual marketing… and watching them become Creatorpreneurs!

    Further, we are truly grateful for the relationships we’ve built with our customers and the collective understanding that we are all in this together!



    Can we help you get more traffic, more clicks, and more sales?

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    Laughingbird Software Guarantee

    We promise that you can create awesome graphics using our templates. But if you do have any problems using our software, we'll work with you until you're a happy Creatorpreneur!
    -Marc & Lisa