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    Cinemagraphs for Professionals

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    Make your business come alive with professionally shot cinemagraphs... the big brands are using them and now you can too! So, don't get left in the dust!

    What is a Cinemagraph?

    Cinemagraphs are a perfect blend between a still photograph and a video. Blending the two mediums creates a surreal expression of time and space where things move faster, slower or are completely frozen. Additionally, a cinemagraph will loop endlessly and play forever.


    Add your own text and graphics to the videos!



    This is what gives a cinemagraph it’s eye-catching appeal. The cinemagraph here was easily imported into The Graphics Creator and edited to add the text (see all of the thumbnail images of the cinemagraphs in this pack above).


    5 Reasons you need to use cinemagraphs in your business

    1. The big brands are using cinemagraphs

    2. Social Media networks now automatically loop video

    3. Cinemagraphs tell stories... within a second or two!

    4. They drive engagement because they're, well, like magic (think Harry Potter photographs)!

    5. You don't even have to create your own or pay anyone big bucks... thanks to this package of pre-created cinemagraphs

    Cinemagraphs are an almost magical way to capture a viewer's attention. And that means more people will take interest in your ads and social media marketing, which results in more clicks and more sales! Transform these cinemagraphs into attention-getting moving images with The Graphics Creator, or use them as stand-alone designs :)

    Item Features
    • Professionally created, ready-to-use cinemagraphs by artist Bryan Mullennix
    • Delivered in a .mp4 to create the best blend between quality and small size (so they're perfect for use online)
    • Use these Harry Potter-like moving images in YouTube and company videos, advertising, or to get attention on social media
    • 27 seemlessly looping cinemagraphs valued at $1250... seriously, each one sells for $50 or more on stock footage sites (and these are a little bigger and higher quality)
    • BONUS: Convert each image into an animated gif or other video files with The Graphics Creator (this makes the file size even smaller and makes them easy to use)
    • No Photoshop or fancy graphic design program needed... the cinemagraphs are already done for you (you CAN use them in The Graphics Creator!)

    • ***Premium Content Partnership***Not included in online Web Graphics Creator
    • Use with The Graphics Creator 8 software (Download or Online log-in:  It's loaded with built-in tools, so you can learn fast and get your design project done in no time)
    • Images are approximately 1002 X 564 pixels (perfect for designs used on the web and in The Graphics Creator)
    • Win/Mac compatible




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