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    YouTube Art Maker and Templates

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    Spending way too much time creating videos for YouTube that aren’t getting watched?!


    Does this mean your YouTube video content isn’t fantastic? 

    Nope. But it does mean that your target audience isn’t choosing to watch your video!

    The fact is that the YouTube videos getting watched are the ones with the colorful, bold, attention-getting video thumbnail graphics and banner art.

    With an eye-catching YouTube channel art design, you’ll get more views and therefore more traffic to your website.

    And, more traffic means more sales!


    Customizable YouTube Art Templates

    Video Thumbnails

    The YouTube Art Maker and Templates help you create attention-grabbing, unique video thumbnails in under five minutes. 

    In fact, you can easily make five thumbnail graphics for each video and test them out to see which one gets you the most views for your channel.

    This is how easy YouTube channel art design can be!  

    YouTube Banner Art

    You'll also want to use the banner art templates to create a banner graphic for your channel. Easily create a YouTube art background from included design elements or royalty-free photos… or import your own images.

    Then personalize your banner art by adding your own logo and choosing a bold font that’ll grab attention.

    YouTube Art Logo

    Make your brand look professional and trustworthy by adding a logo to all of your channel art. Create a logo using any of the design elements and art or import your own special graphic or image!

     YouTube Art Maker Template

    Easy YouTube Art Maker

    These customizable channel art templates are already the perfect YouTube art size. Just download and install them directly into The Graphics Creator software (which is included for free).

    To modify the YouTube art templates, just drag and drop text, images, graphic elements, royalty-free photos, and/or imported designs.

    Change colors, fonts, text and image sizes, rotate designs, add curved text, and so much more.

    There's really no limit to what you can design with Laughingbird Software's YouTube Art Maker templates. Quickly create a video thumbnail for YouTube, a banner, and a logo to make your YouTube channel stand out.

    Customize the channel art templates to create thousands of YouTube Banners and Thumbnails!

    With this easy-to-use software, you'll simply choose a template (or start from scratch by importing your own graphics) and customize it!

    Thankfully, this is an EASY way to create YouTube art for your channel. Take a look at what you're getting to boost your YouTube channel...

     Create your own YouTube Channel Art with easy to use templates

    YouTube Art Maker and Templates Features

    • Customizable YouTube art creator and templates: Make video graphics for your channel in record time

    • Thumbnail and banner art creation is easy... quickly change a thumbnail graphic that's getting clicks into a new thumbnail for your next video (because you already know it works)!

    • 100% editable thumbnail graphics, banner art, and channel art design templates

    • Over 25 ready-made video thumbnail templates: Create thousands of variations

    • Over 50 YouTube banner art templates

    • Import your own logo (or create one!) and images

    • YouTube design grid: This tool makes it super easy to get the perfect YouTube art size

    • Export as a PNG

    • Easy drag and drop design elements help you get started fast... and you can always create from a new canvas

    • Commercial license to resell your banner and thumbnail graphics included!

    • BONUS: The Graphics Creator software is free and included with any templates or graphics pack.  Just download and install your YouTube art templates right into the Graphics Creator. Then customize what you want in minutes, whenever you need it!


    Look here for some of the thumbnail images we created for our YouTube Channel

    Commercial license to resell your banner and thumbnail graphics included!

    Software and Templates Specifications

    • BONUS: 40 free templates with your very first purchase of any template set
    • Use with The Graphics Creator downloadable software:  It's loaded with built-in tools, so you can learn fast and get your design project done in no time
    • Win/Mac compatible
    • Software download



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