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Text Effects Design Templates - with Text Graphics Software

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Design Amazing Text Effects Without Photoshop

With just a few hand motions and clicks of a mouse, you can create text graphics that are radically fresh, fun, and totally unique!

Design a text effects logo, ad, or banner in minutes!

Text Effects Banner with Image in Text

The text design templates were each built with an “image in text” and really cool fonts that show off the design.

So they’re perfect for anyone who’d rather make an attention-grabbing design effect in a few minutes, rather than spend hours working on it in Photoshop (or months learning challenging software in the first place)!


Watch the video:


What Are Text Effects (and How Can The Graphics Creator Software Help)?

Here’s the truth… most businesses and marketers don’t use text graphics simply because they don’t know how to.

And just maybe they’re watching how others are designing their ad graphics or text logos and thinking they should copy it.

But by making graphics with cool text effects, you won’t be wasting your time looking like everyone else. You’ll stand out of the crowd (and others will start copying you instead)!

Text Graphics Ad

Easy-to-Use Text Effects Design Templates

Grab a template, click to highlight the text and change it to say what you want. And you’re done… that is, if you want to be.

But you can change the photo background, swap out the image in text using graphics and textures in the software, or even import your own picture to use as the photo in text.

And using the free Graphics Creator software (you’ll get it with your templates), you can add to your design or edit it with any other graphics, fonts, or elements.

Types of Text Effects You Can Make With The Graphics Creator

Even though the text effects templates are ready-made and easy to customize, there are lots of other special text effects graphics you can create with The Graphics Creator.

Just open the “Text Menu” to add other special effects to your text graphics. 

Besides changing colors, fonts, shadows, and text outlines, you can create new text styles. Add backgrounds to your text, bold or italics it, wrap your text around a graphic or image, or add a text circle (works perfectly for a text effects logo).


Text Effects Logo using text styles features in the Graphics Creator

How To Create Text Graphics and Images

Make a creative text effects photo, logo, banner, or ad using a template in just minutes. Follow these steps:

1. Start with a text effect design template

Choose a template that’ll offer a unique perspective of your product or service.

2. Click to select and highlight the text you want to change

Drag and drop an image or photo directly over the text.

3. Modify “Text Color”

Since you have an image in text instead of a solid color, you can use the width and offset sliders to edit the look of the image.

4. Add a different background to go with your text graphic

Drag and drop any image onto the design canvas from inside the software (including stock photos) or your desktop. Then select “Send to Back” to put it behind the text image.

That’s it!

Using The Graphics Creator software

Keep in mind that, with The Graphics Creator, you’re using PNG graphics… so you can easily save a design and modify it later by just dragging and dropping the text graphics and other elements.

Every time you add a new set of design templates to the software, including the text effects download, you’ll have easy access to them all... in just one place!


Some of the template designs included: 

Text Effects Design Templates

Text Effects Design Templates: Features

  • Super fun, creative text effects templates with matching themed backgrounds

  • Use for any art or graphic design project for business or personal use

  • 39 pre-designed templates, each with a unique text effect

  • Image in text and Photo in text designs

  • Text graphics templates allow you to import your own logo, images, and backgrounds

  • Export as JPG, PNG, or transparent PNG

  • Easy drag and drop design elements make it a snap to get started... and there’s always room to add your creative touch

  • Includes commercial license (and you can even resell your creations)!


How do I make my own awesome text graphic?

If you haven’t yet installed The Graphics Creator, do so first. Then just download the Text Effects Templates and follow the quick installation steps.

When you open The Graphics Creator software, use the pull-down menu at the top to find the text design templates.

Start creating! You can check out our Getting Started videos if you’d like.

Is it compatible with Mac and Windows?

You bet! The software was built with a Mac.

Must I have design skills to create with The Graphics Creator software?

Absolutely not! The ready-made templates and easy-to-use “creator” features can help anyone create their own graphics.



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    -Marc & Lisa