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    Cartoon Character Creator 2.0 - Cute Design Elements

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    Introducing The Character Creator 2.0!

    Introducing The Character Creator 2.0!

    A selection of over 1,000 elements that let you design your own mascot or character. Choose from different body poses, heads, mouths, eyes, hands, hair/hats, and tons more. Have fun and create a character design that represents you or your business.


    You’ll also get the Graphics Creator software, a downloadable app for Mac and Windows that you’ll use to create all of the characters with
    (as seen in the video above).


    Cartoon Character Creator for Non Designers

    Make your own adorable character or custom mascot without being a cartoonist, designer, or artist! 

    The Cartoon Character Creator 2.0 has a selection of over 1,000 PNG character design elements. 

    Build a male or female character (or even a cute monster) from different body poses, heads, mouths, eyes, hands, hair, hats, and other unique design elements you can just drag and drop. 

    Design a character that represents you or your business with character maker graphic elements. You can even import other cartoons and designs, as well as add fun background designs.

    How to Create a Cute Cartoon Character (4 Steps)

    It’s fast and easy to make your own character design. Just drag and drop cartoon images or character body parts onto The Graphics Creator’s design canvas (don’t worry, you’ll get the software for free). Re-size, customize, and add background art as desired!


    Step 1: Choose a character body

    -drag and drop it onto the canvas

    -re-size the canvas as desired


    Step 2:  Add a cartoon head to the body

    -make it fit the body by dragging the size “handles”


    Step 3:  Put on a face or individual eyes, nose, mouth, or lips

    -make your character cute, funny, or even devious depending on the face elements you choose


    Step 4:  Add fun and adorable accessories

    -add a hat, bowtie, or even speech bubbles


    Step 5: Once you’re done adding cute cartoon character elements...

    -export it as a transparent PNG to use in other designs (like your logo and business card) 

    -or export the entire image with a background as a PNG or JPG (for your next social media ad, business flyer, or art project).

    Cartoon character creation is now a skill everyone can have, even if you’re not a designer.

    Plus, all of the character elements have a transparent background, so you can put them over any graphic, advertisement, web page, video, blog post, or even a slide presentation.

    Let’s face it!  Having a cartoon business mascot would be cool.

    But it’s generally unaffordable to get a custom cartoon character from a graphic artist (unless you have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend.) After all, you need to spend your budget on marketing, right?

    You'll also get the Graphics Creator software (free), a downloadable app for Mac and Windows that you'll use to create all of the characters (as seen in the video above).


    Cartoon Character Creator 2.0 Features

    • All-in-one character creator with cute cartoon images

    • Create customized characters using hundreds of body "parts" and accessories

    • Over 100 different bodies with unique poses

    • Hundreds of mouths, eyes, heads, hair, hats, glasses, faceless full bodies, Manga characters, cute monsters, and more

    • BONUS: 20 ready-made templates to play with!

    • Create your character and then import it into any Graphics Creator design template

    • Export as transparent PNG (or JPG with background) and use in a logo or business card, video, slide presentation, advertisement, blog, web page, or social media design

    • Easy drag and drop character design elements make it a snap to create your custom cartoon character

    • How do I create with the Cartoon Character Creator design elements and templates?

      Download and install the free Graphics Creator software that comes with it (you only need to do this once). Then download and install the Character Creator 2.0. You’ll find all of the cartoon character design elements under the “Elements” menu.

      The bonus pre-designed templates already contain cute monsters, ready-made mascots, and male or female cartoon characters. You can find them in the pull-down template menu at the top.

      Just choose a template or start with a blank canvas (you can re-size your canvas as big as 10,000 X 10,000!). Laughingbird Software’s character maker allows you to drag and drop graphics (bodies, heads, eyes, mouths, etc.) as you like. Watch the quick video above to see how it’s done!

    • Is the software Windows and Mac compatible?

      Yes to both!
    • Can I design cute cartoon images even if I’m not a cartoonist or designer?

      Yes! You’ll be using pre-designed and pre-cut graphics that can simply be put together with a click and drag.

      Because you’re using transparent PNG character parts, they can easily be layered on each other. Thus, you can put lips on a face or a hat on a head... in a second!

      And because The Graphics Creator is loaded with easy-to-use built-in tools, you can create a character with an amazing background in no time!

    • What can I do with my custom character or mascot?

      You can export it in a transparent PNG and place it on any background image, on a logo or business card, in a flyer, or in any other design created with The Graphics Creator.

      When you create a character and add a background, then you can simply save it as a PNG or JPG and use it as an advertisement (with your own mascot), attention-grabbing Instagram post, Facebook meme, Pinterest pin, fun invitation, adorable announcement, etc., etc...



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