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How to Stand Out with Motion Graphics Backgrounds

Add Motion Graphics Backgrounds to Your Image

Here are two helpful ideas:

1. Use motion graphics for event invites and social media posts.

Show the mood, style, and information about your upcoming event or offer with a short animation that can be linked to emails or posted on social media.

2. Stand Out in Social Media

Stand out in the sea of posts, tweets, snaps, and messages. Having custom motion graphics can get you a better return on investment (ROI) for your marketing efforts than almost anything else out there.

Choose one of the above ideas and do this:

Create a motion graphic background with The Graphics Creator.

Start with a Motion Graphics template or import your own short video into any templates. The motion graphics are quick to load on social media, can loop indefinitely, and are easy to make.

Watch the video above and create one step-by-step.

Want another way to use motion graphics? 

Short video clips (10 seconds or so) are also a great option to use with music or audio.  Post an animation on your various social media pages today.

Laughingbird Software Guarantee

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