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Using Ready Made for You Graphics Templates

Want to know how to use the ready made templates inside the Graphics Creator?


In this mini series of short videos, I’ll walk you through using the tools and working your way up to creating some amazing graphics with Laughingbird Software.

In Part nine, you'll learn how to use the pre designed templates that come with the software. I’ll walk you through using the "Done for you" templates and show you how to utilize the Youtube templates, logo and business card templates and more!

. ------------------ Other videos in the series: ------------------

Part 1 (The intro):

Part 2 (Modifying the text):

Part 3 (Formatting text):

Part 4 (Using the built in graphics and importing your own):

Part 5 (Creative tricks with graphics):

Part 6 (Using the Canvas and the Menus):

Part 7 (Creating a “reflection effect”):

Part 8 (Saving and organizing your designs):

Part 9 (The finale - Using the “Done-for-you” templates! which is what you're watching right now)

After watching this series, you’ll be able to create social media graphics, or, create your own graphics! You’ll get tips for creating some high quality social media designs and how to use the ‘done for you’ templates.

we have some more in-dept ‘Tutorial Tuesday’ videos. The Graphics Creator is downloadable Software for Windows and for Mac computers. ...We also have an online “in the cloud” version that anybody can access.

The Graphics Creator, content marketing, visual communication and creative design. AND, its easier to use than Photoshop or Canva pro! It’s digital marketing made easy. The Graphics Creator Software has become the easiest way to create your own designs and social media graphics . It’s used all over the world for content marketing and visual communication. (It’s the best Photoshop and Canva pro alternative on the market).

And! With all Laughingbird Software products, You’ll have access to our ‘Creatorpreneurs Academy’! Learn smart money tactics and creative marketing strategies - every week!