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YouTube SEO Tips for Video Bloggers

7 Awesome YouTube SEO Tips That'll Help You Rank Your Videos Faster and Better!

If you're a video blogger, you can't afford to miss out on these YouTube SEO tips.
Find out what's the first and most important YouTube SEO tip. Then check the other tips off your to-do list.

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1. Of all the necessary YouTube SEO tips, this is perhaps the most important: Include your main KEYWORD in the title.

Without keywords, there’s no such thing as SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keywords are like a compass for your marketing campaigns: They tell you where to go and whether or not you’re making progress. They also help you figure out the thoughts, fears, and desires of your target market.

In fact, keyword research is just market research for the 21st century.
Here are just a few of the mistakes you might make when you begin using SEO for YouTube videos... these are the WRONG way to SEO your videos  :D

• Come up with a few keywords that potential customers might search for?
• Plug those keywords into the Google Keyword Planner?
• Or, worse yet, pick a keyword based on gut feeling?

In other words, don't just "guess" and "hope" that you're using effective keywords!


2. Your first SEO goal is to come up with the general 'niche' of your YouTube video. 

Your "niche" isn't a keyword... it's the entire CATEGORY that your video fits into.? For example, "Video Bloggers", "Fiverr Designers"... or even "Professional Photography". Decide who you want to watch your video- Got it? Cool.

Then, hop over to Google and type in your niche "in quotes" and then a plus sign ( ) and then "forums". Find the names of various forums and you'll quickly see how each forum is divided up into even tighter niches.

So, for "Video Bloggers", I found Body Builders, Travel and English as a Second Language forums... Talk about narrowing down your niche. This is what you should be doing... getting as specific as possible.

Saying your niches is "Business" simply won't produce ANY results because no one will ever find your video.

When you've figured out the best title for your video using your niche keywords, set that as the title of your vide0.
Also, if it's not too late - name your .mp4 video with this keyword BEFORE you upload it to YouTube.


3. Add your keyword in your description multiple times in about 4 or 5 sentences.

Don't "stuff" as many in as you can! Simply use them naturally, as if you were speaking to a friend.

Additionally, add some of the other keywords or keyword phrases you discovered above in tip number 1 above.


4. Add a link to your website (or your lead capture page) at the beginning AND at the end of your description.

Don't be afraid to promote yourself. After all, this is most likely why you're working to improve your YouTube SEO in the first place... to make your audience aware of your product or service. If you don't let your viewers know you have something to offer, they'll just view and leave.


*** Check out the YouTube Banner and Graphics Maker to easily create all the visual content you need for your channel without any complicated tools***

5. Add Timestamps with your keywords worked into them.

Time Stamps allow users to jump to various topics within your video. Since attention spans can be short, you want your audience to find value in your video wherever they can.

By listing the time of the beginning of each section of your video ("YouTube SEO Tips for Newbie Bloggers-1:20"), they can move the video forward until they find that information.

Although this can take a little time, adding any type of text will also add increase your chances of ranking higher on Google and other search engines.


6. Add Keyword "Tags"

Include your main keyword and variations of your keyword in your tags.
For example, this article includes the following tags: SEO, search engine optimization, keyword, video, YouTube.


7. Add a manual transcript to your video using your keywords in various ways.

Hey, some people like to read it quickly and move on. Or they might like to read a portion that they missed on the video. But, more importantly, the biggest benefit of adding a written transcript is to strengthen your overall search engine optimization strategy. Being descriptive (while using some keywords)


Once you've followed these 7  YouTube SEO tips, make sure your YouTube channel looks good (cuz if you get them there, you don't want to lose them)!

Potential customers will decide within seconds whether or not to watch your video. If it looks visually uninteresting and unprofessional, you'll get very few views. 

To make this easy, use The YouTube Channel Art Creator and Templates. This is an easy drag and drop graphics tool that lets you start with templates and simply modify your text or image!

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