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How to Get Your Online Business Noticed with Design

Imagine if you could show off your business and services with a stunning graphic that would get you noticed in half a second.

And, instead of spending all of your time just waiting for your audience to find you, you could thankfully focus on giving them what they desperately want and need… and they’d be ready to buy!

Now imagine that you can design attention-getting graphics that would get your products and services noticed, whenever you wanted.

Forget huge design expenses, waiting for a designer to get back to you days later, or paying endlessly for revisions. You can create the right graphics and get your online business noticed all by yourself!

Follow along and watch the videos in this article to easily create amazing graphics that’ll get your online business the attention it needs, even if you have zero design experience.

How to Make Your Own Graphics for Free

So, you might not be convinced that you can create graphics all by yourself. And, if you’ve paid for a designer or thought about hiring one before, you probably won’t believe that you can make graphics for free.

But you can!

Take a look below to find out how to get free design software and templates. Then, check out how to create the perfect graphics to get your online business noticed.

The Graphics Creator Software and Templates

It’s super simple to start designing… just ask the Graphics Creator designers in our community.

Hint: If you’re already a regular software user, you might like to skip to “How to Make Your Own eCover Designs” below 🙂

First… Download The Graphics Creator software. Then follow the instructions to add the free bonus templates. These will remove the watermarks from your images and let you create with 100% freedom.

Prefer to log-in online to create? Check out the options here.

Once you’ve accessed your graphic design software, choose a template and easily drag and drop text, graphics, and images in any way you wish. You can also revise, recolor, rewrite and reuse each design… over and over and over.

Now just watch the short videos below that’ll show you exactly how to become your own designer by creating the different images you need for business projects, social media, and marketing.

So, let’s start!

Create the Images You need to Make Your Online Business Get Noticed

First, if you’re new to designing with The Graphics Creator, watch this 3-minute video to see how easy it is for you to design your own graphics:

How to Make eCover Designs for Your Online Business

If you want your business to stand out and get noticed in the busy online world, you need to have a virtual box or product “cover” that represents your product or service.

Here’s how to create your own virtual cover for each product, service, or free offer:

How to Create Ad Graphics That’ll Get You Noticed

Online businesses need to advertise in unique ways. One ad posted in one social media account one time only is just not going to cut it.

Instead, create a variety of ad graphics that’ll get noticed by different groups of people on social media, in blog articles, or for paid marketing. Try out different colors, fonts, and word copy to see what works best for each online advertisement.

Watch the video to see how to create advertising design that’ll get your online business noticed.

How to Make YouTube Graphics That Get Attention

If you’re interested in making YouTube videos, then you need to create banners, thumbnails, and other graphics to use in your videos. It’s often just not realistic to have someone else create these graphics for you because you need new ones often.

Truly though, a bold thumbnail graphic is what will get your business to stand out and actually make visitors click on and watch your video.

Now check out our video to find out exactly how to make YouTube graphics that get you noticed!

How to Make Logo Designs for Brand Recognition

How many businesses do you recognize just from seeing their logo? Probably too many to count, right? Online businesses are no different… you need your own branded logo design to capture your desired audiences’ attention.

This video will show you how to use the Logo and Business Card templates to design just what you need to get your online business noticed online.

Get Your Online Business Noticed with Design:

Now that you know how to get your online business noticed by creating your own personalized designs, it’s time to get started. No more second-guessing what to do, re-checking your budget or wondering if you should hire a designer. Become your own designer and create the graphics you need to stand out in the crowd and achieve success.

You’ve got the free Graphics Creator software and a set of free templates to make it happen.

Want Your Online Business to Get Even More Attention?

Create book covers, social media graphics, logos and business cards, blog graphics, animated gifs, and more.

Grab more templates HERE

… and get more people to notice your online business in minutes!

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