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How To Build Social Media Love

Tips for Social Media Love: If You’re Curating, Add Something

We’ve all fallen victim to the whole posting, reposting, and retweeting curated content thing. It’s awesome to curate content! But there are ways to do it and ways not to.

When you do post something you find, show your reasons for posting it or your feelings about it by commenting yourself. When you add yourself and your opinions in, you really are adding value. That’s a social media love builder

Tips for Social Media Love: Easy On the Ads

We all use our networks to distribute promotions, coupons, and that kind of thing. But social media is called that for a reason. If you’re using it just to push your product, that’s not so social, and it can actually be pretty annoying for others.

Just time it and space it out so that seeing a deal or coupon from your small business is a welcome event for followers. This way you build customer loyalty instead of turning customers sour.

Tips for Social Media Love: Share Your Own Stuff

When you’re taking the time to blog for your small business or otherwise creating content, definitely share it on your networks. You took the time to create it, so show your followers what you’re about. You also continue to situate yourself as an expert in your field when you post useful content that you made. Experts get lots of social media love!

Tips for Social Media Love: Shout Out

You wouldn’t like it if you made a friendly comment to someone on the street or in a business and they just blew you off, right? And once might be a mistake, but if they never reply, that’s irritating! The same is true for the world of social media.

When folks take the time to shout out to you, respond. It’s polite, and it also shows your attention to detail and service. This is also the only way you can make social media an effective customer feedback tool.

Tips for Social Media Love: Your Mom Was Right—Be Yourself

Turns out Mom knows best! Being yourself even when you’re a business is a must in social media circles. It’s a fine line. I’ve posted before about how you don’t want to go too far in the other direction, and that’s true. You shouldn’t be Tweeting a zillion photos of your cat using your small business account. (And, let’s face it, you probably shouldn’t be doing that at all.)

But sure, let your customers know you have weekend plans or that something really funny happened to you at Walgreen’s. All of the sudden, you’re the woman who paints on the weekend or the guy who got coffee dumped on him at Starbuck’s—twice! It makes you human, and people remember that stuff. Of all of the tips for social media love, this one is my favorite.

So there you have it. The best tips for social media love. After all, why waste your time driving people nuts? It won’t help you or your business. Instead, be a careful social media marketer and feel the love.

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