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Create and Share Premium Marketing Content

In order to build trust with your audience, you have to demonstrate authority and credibility by providing value.

What better way to provide value than giving your prospective customers a glimpse of the value they’ll get by purchasing your product or service?

How to Share Free Content

Free content positions you as an expert and authority on the topic – As people see you creating free YouTube videos packed with helpful information, or e-books overflowing with awesome advice, or podcasts filled with valuable interviews, they start to see you as the expert on the subject. The more value you give, the higher your authority status. 

The more content you create on a consistent basis, the bigger your fan-base will grow. And the more consumers will share your work with others in their network, affirming your status as an authority. This is an effective form of word-of-mouth marketing.

Think of free content as a test drive — no one is going to buy a car without driving it first.

Plus, free content is consumed 50 times more often than content that sits behind a paywall. It also creates more exposure and earns new customers.

Types of Premium Marketing Content You Should Give Away

Deciding which content you should distribute for free needs to be a strategic decision.

You need to be thinking three steps ahead. You’re looking to create leverage that allows you to eventually do something for profit, so figure out what kind of content will get you what you want, and who needs to see it.

Some examples of free content:

  • Skype consultations,
  • downloadable ebooks and other info-products,
  • videos,
  • training material,
  • YouTube videos
  • podcasts.

Easy Content Strategy

Here's what you need to do: Take a look at your product/service offers. Think of 3 types of free content you can create that'll really help your prospects solve a problem and establish you as an authority.

Now, create the content that'll be most helpful for your customer (but that is fairly easy to create, if possible). Don't forget to create beautiful headers, footers, thumbnails, etc., so that it looks professional and is exciting to consume.

Finally, set a date that you'll send out your free content to your prospects.

Final notes: Make sure your freebie is easy to consume and share.

AND, make sure your content is presented in a format that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices.

Laughingbird Software Guarantee

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-Marc & Lisa