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5 Types of Visual Content Marketing for Great SEO

If you’ve read my previous 2 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) blog posts, “What Are the Most Important SEO Techniques for 2016?” and “5 SEO Web Design Tips”, I’m not surprised if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with this SEO stuff. It's a somewhat involved topic, but now that you've taken a look at all 3 SEO articles, you’re ready to take some action. I’m going to make it simple and to the point. You Need Visual Content. Period. Here are 5 visual content ideas that'll improve your search engine optimization efforts.

Use lots of Images

Photos are not the only images that can enhance websites and be shareable. Logos, buttons, banners, characters, and things like charts and infographics are of great importance to help you rank in Google. Make sure you have several attractive images that will keep your visitors interested and show them what you have that will help them out. Also, name your images with the various keywords you are focusing on (use a keyword or two on different images; don’t use all your keywords on one image)!

Start a Blog

Blogging can increase web traffic, branding, and search engine visibility. If you can bring people to your blog, you can get them to your website and vice versa. Hey, I’m doing it so you can too! 

Make a Video for SEO

Video is the most powerful form of great visual content for many reasons. Video can be produced inexpensively, it’s visually stimulating, and it can be easily shared. You do have to be invested in it, as it takes some time to figure out. For now, take a look at Youtube and individual websites to see what’s out there.

Use a Pinterest SEO Strategy

Don’t want to figure out how to use video? Present information in a visually stunning way nonetheless through a social media strategy called Pinterest. You can create individually themed boards to which you can “pin” all sorts of pictures, graphics, charts, etc. It’s a relatively newer visual way to get your content out there and pull more people back to your site, once again increasing your chances of being listed in the top 10 of your keywords on Google. For an example, check out the Pinterest account I’ve been working on for Laughingbird. I’ve included many of our software graphics but also share others’ pins on topics such as SEO, Working From Home, and Web Design, which bring people to Laughingbird’s website.

Create Infographics for Improved SEO

If you’re already using Pinterest, you probably know what an infographic is, as it is heavily used in Pinterest. It’s a chart or detailed graphic that provides stimulating information while at the same time being concise. An infographic can generate lots of links back to your site since it provides quick but important information that is easy to share with others through social media. Yes, you’ve got your work cut out for you. However, I truly hope that you're excited about the prospects we've talked about over the last 3 days…ideas that’ll help improve your Search Engine Optimization strategies. Don’t let this excitement fade! Pick just one visual content idea to work on. Focus on just that one until you’ve got a handle on it (I’ve been working on Pinterest for a while and just now I’m moving into blogging).  Really, I wanted to make it easy and inexpensive for everyone to manage their Search Engine Optimization…because it has to be done if ranking high in the search engines is important to you (seriously, when Laughingbird’s rankings drop, it’s like torture waiting for a visitor to come by). I hope you’ve enjoyed my three blogs on SEO! Keep checking back for new blog posts on business, marketing, graphics, and more :) Best to All!

Laughingbird Software Guarantee

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