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5 Best Marketing Ideas for Small Business

If you don’t market your services or products, nobody will know they exist. It sounds obvious... but sometimes, we simply forget to promote. Here are five important marketing ideas that can really help small businesses gain exposure.

Provide an e-newsletter

Structure a newsletter that will benefit your customers. Include tips, news, events, and special offers that relate to your industry. Also, you might want to include things that pertain to your own company. However, send e-newsletters on a schedule, possibly once a month basis so that you don’t get labeled as spam and lose subscribers.

Network, Network, Network

Did I say network? There is an old marketing saying “It is not who you know, but who knows you.” This is so true. Make sure everyone in your community knows who you are. Go to chamber meetings, join the Rotary, be visible in the local business community. Take every opportunity you can to meet other business owners. And don’t forget to get their business cards so you can enter them into your database.

Publish a “how-to” guide

Research ways to do things better pertaining to your industry or niche and make a “how-to” guide. Then, create short videos and post them to your Youtube channel! Provide educational postings on your blog If you come across a topic related to your field that is lengthy in information, develop several blog postings on the topic as an educational series. This can drive people back to your blog over and over. Everyone enjoys learning, don’t they?

Make a video

You don’t have to be a professional to make a short video. For example, Windows movie maker would work great. Get several photographs together and insert into a movie maker program, add some voice-overs with a Sound Recorder Tool and Bam! You have a video to post. Take a look at “Content Samurai! We use it!

Learn How to Set Up Facebook Groups for Pages

Facebook groups can be a great way for you to grow a community around your business. And chances are, you already have a Facebook page that you can use to get a jumpstart on growing that online community. In a recent Social Media Examiner post, Kristi Hines details the process for setting up a Facebook group!

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