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Laughingbird Software: Graphics for 2017!

As 2017 swings into full gear, Laughingbird Software is dedicated to giving you spankin' new graphics, valuable ideas... and a whole lot of thanks.


Thanks to all of you inspiring, unstoppable Creatorpreneurs and Laughingbird Software supporters. Whether you’ve been with us two months or 14 years, we’d be deflated and flat out lonely without you.

You give us the motivation to sit behind our computers every day! You keep us focused on developing new ideas and products that’ll make all our lives easier and, we hear, a little bit of fun!

In the past year, Laughingbird Software's private (and free!) Facebook group has grown by over 2000 members (What?! You haven’t joined our incredible Facebook group yet?! ). Come on in and talk to others about graphics, get support and have fun!

Join Laughingbird Software's Graphics Club And you now have access to the Creatorpreneurs Club membership: It’s for those of you who want tons of graphics software and marketing characters AND a hefty discount… the club is our way of saying thanks for your incredible support. Check it out!





Here’s what’s happening with Laughingbird Software graphics in early 2017:

We’ll be releasing more new products that’ll increase your graphics production and abilities, as well as save you time and money.

We've got The People Pack set #3
(launching Friday, Jan 6th)
With over 150 new "real people" images (all with transparent backgrounds) and we've included 75 motivational templates for you!

The new "Mockup Creator" template set 
(launching Friday, Jan 6th)
With this package, you'll drag and drop your own images onto realistic 'placeholders' like iPhone and laptop screens, picture frames hanging on walls or a fake browser image. Great for blogs and webpage headers!  75 mockups are available.

The animated GIF Creator (launching soon...ish)
This one is still in the works, but soon, you'll be able to create animated logos and more!

Added value inside The Creatorpreneurs Club
We're working on some special apps that club members will be able to access daily! 


Additionally, you’ll continue to get helpful graphics and marketing information from the Laughingbird Forum and Laughingbird Blog (like this recent favorite… “Post Perfect Facebook Images with This Simple Trick”).

Really, we’re here to help you succeed, just as you do for us!

...And did we mention that we are eternally grateful?!  :)

Here's wishing you abundant success, happiness and peace in the new year!


Marc and Lisa


Want to know how I created the Featured Image above?

• Using The Creator graphics software, I created a blank canvas and typed in the number '2'
• I set the size, font and color. Then I chose "duplicate element" from the EDIT menu (this duplicated my text in the same size, style and color. I then edited the duplicate into a "0" )
• I repeated these steps until I had '2 0 1 7'
• I then imported a background image of the fireworks and moved this image to the back to get it placed inside the '0'


Spankin' Graphics & Design Ideas for 2017- Laughingbird Software

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Laughingbird Software Guarantee

We promise that you can create awesome graphics using our templates. But if you do have any problems using our software, we'll work with you until you're a happy Creatorpreneur!
-Marc & Lisa