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The Graphics Creator Software: Searchable Stock Images

The Graphics Creator software is here (for download OR just log-in)!

And, one of the most spectacular features will help you design beautiful graphics, even more quickly than before. Check this out: Now, you can use thousands of FREE searchable stock images (royalty-free!) with a simple click and drag! And you don't have to go anywhere... you can access them from within The Graphics Creator software. Check out the video above that shows you how to search for stock photos. Then leave a comment below - tell us what you think!

Easy access to free stock photos means you’re on your way to designing unbelievable graphics in even less time!

Although this is just one of the new features, it's pretty spectacular!  You can find a ton of free (and they're royalty-free!) images to use as backgrounds in your graphics. Create stunning Facebook or Google ads, Instagram posts, Twitter images, blog designs, Pinterest pins, and so much more. We know you’ll love using the software because of its amazing features (including motion graphics, Google font integration, and searchable royalty-free images)... AND you can get The Graphics Creator in the format that works for you. Check out both options here:
  1. The downloadable Graphics Creator 8:
  2. The online Web Graphics Creator (just log-in using your browser):
And if you just can't decide which is best, please ask our wonderful Creatorpreneurs group members. Enjoy!

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Laughingbird Software Guarantee

We promise that you can create awesome graphics using our templates. But if you do have any problems using our software, we'll work with you until you're a happy Creatorpreneur!
-Marc & Lisa