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Take a look at Laughingbird Software's Pinterest account. Follow us to get creative ideas on pin design. Plus learn social media, marketing, and design tips to help your small business grow.

Laughingbird Software's pins created for Pinterest

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Share our pins with others and get more engagement in your own Pinterest account. Then take a look at how Laughingbird Software's pin designs get clicks and shares. And pay close attention to our motion graphics pins... you'll see how they get wayyy more views than other pins.

We can help you create motion graphics pins with The Graphics Creator's Motion Graphics templates. Just pick a template, re-size to 600 X 900 if needed, and modify the text and image. Done! Plus, save each pin to modify later, making it even easier to create more pins in just a few minutes.

Design templates that let you create motion backgrounds in your Pinterest pin images
Get the Motion Graphics templates with The Graphics Creator software. Click the image.

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Laughingbird Software Guarantee

We promise that you can create awesome graphics using our templates. But if you do have any problems using our software, we'll work with you until you're a happy Creatorpreneur!
-Marc & Lisa