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How to Make a Cartoon Character Without Drawing (No Skills Needed)


You're not an artist and you can't even draw a stick figure but you want to create cartoon characters for your business or creative project. However, you probably don't want to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars having a professional artist make them for you.

Good news! You can easily make a cartoon character without having to draw it yourself. There are online tools and downloadable software that'll let you create what you want.

Here are five different ways of creating the cartoon characters you need:

  1. Make a simple avatar that represents yourself. This is usually good for profile pictures and other small images.
  2. Use an actual character creator tool: Build a personalized character with ready-made drag and drop graphics.
  3. Make a cartoon character out of a photo, your own or others.
  4. Hire a professional designer.
  5. Use professionally designed, hand-drawn characters.

I'll tell you more about these options below, as well as how much each will cost you.

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