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 some new changes in store for Laughingbird!


The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #9 - SHOPIFY

Hi Creatorpreneurs!

Hope your week is going great. 🤗

There are some new changes in store for Laughingbird!

Lisa and I have been running the website on WordPress for almost 17 years (!). Everybody knows WordPress, because it's free and it's probably what you use to run your own website.

But over the years, it's caused a ton of headaches for us. Crashed sites due to conflicting plugins, incompatible themes that don't look consistent page to page, lots and lots of plugins that slowed down the site.

It was too much and honestly, I got tired of being an IT guy instead of creating graphics for Laughingbird.

So, after meditating on what to do (...okay, maybe I shouldn't call it meditating, I'll call it 'staring in front of the computer and looking at 12,000 other websites to see what was working), I came across a YouTube video that changed everything! I've included it below.

It helped us jump from WordPress and onto a different platform called:


Have you heard of it? It's amazing.

Laughingbird Software can now sell software AND "Print On Demand" items like customized Wall Art (you can personalize the text and have it packaged and shipped right to your door in a matter of days)!

We can also create customizable t-shirts and hoodies and coffee mugs that YOU as a customer can personalize!

You can create a shop too - and you don't need to store any of the items in a warehouse! They're only printed after your customer orders them.

In my humble opinion, Shopify is SO (so!) much better, easier, and just more fun to use than WordPress... and it opens up a new world of possibilities.

You can decide to start a "print on demand" business on Monday, get your website up and running by Tuesday... and start making sales by the end of the week.

New! "Personalize Your Own Wall Art"

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]It's a new service we're offering. YOU can create something like this too![/caption]

We're starting a new service! We've been designing customizable wall art! Hop in and take a look! Pick out a template, edit the text in the poster - and have it shipped to your door in a matter of days!


[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]Shopify is the new platform that Laughingbird Software will be using![/caption]

Did you know you could set up your own Shopify store and start selling tshirts? Or mousepads that your customers can upload their own images onto?


This is the video that got us started on Shopify. It was super exciting and super informative. If you have 8 minutes, and you're looking to start selling something or enhance the products you're selling now - give it a look:



Here's a tip. Try Shopify out for a week (the link in this newsletter is not an affiliate link)... we just love the platform!

Watch some YouTube videos on what it is and what you can sell.

If you have any questions or comments on it all, hit Reply or just leave a comment!

See you next week!

-Marc & Lisa

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-Marc & Lisa