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The Creatorpreneurs Newsletter - Issue #13 - Creativity Coming Your Way!

Hey Creatorpreneurs!

It's a busy time of the year. So, we're going to make this newsletter short but sweet!

#1- Read below to get a little direction on where to go with your seasonal promotions and to deal with holiday insanity.

#2- Black Friday is almost here! ... Keep a lookout for new graphics and products from Laughingbird Software that'll motivate you and inspire your creativity!


They're BRAND NEW... They're EXCITING! And they're Coming Soon! Check your email this coming week for more info. 🤗

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"]The new Create-A-Scene Series will change the way you use The Graphics Creator[/caption]


Discover how to promote your business and get visible this holiday season!

Check out the latest article from the Laughingbird Blog:

"18 Surefire Ways to Use Graphics to Promote Your Business"


It's that time of the year... where you spend all of your energy working on awesome promotions for your product or service. But, it takes a ton of time we know :)

We think your graphics creation will be a little easier with these simple promotional graphics (just add text!):

Buttons, Banners, and Badges

[caption align="alignnone" width="980"][/caption]


Relax! The holidays can be ultra stressful for some... and just a little overwhelming for others.

Take care of yourself first. Then you'll be able to take care of others and accomplish all of the tasks you're determined to.

Ideas on how to take care of yourself as a Creatorpreneur:

Lose the "perfection" mentality! It actually works against you!

Drink water! Yes, staying hydrated keeps your body and mind fit for taking action.

Make a point of getting physical activity every day for 30 minutes: Walking, stretching, throwing a ball for the pup, bicycling, jump roping... whatever works for you!

Give your mind a break: Meditate, recite affirmations, or just sit and breathe deeply while picturing something you love.

Just say "no"! You don't have to cook a meal for 20 people (or even 2). You don't have to host the party.

If you have a hard time saying "no", practice doing it just once! You'll be amazed how easy it'll come to you the next time (because the rewards of giving yourself a break are great) :)

Have a great week Creatorpreneur family! Stay safe, relax a bit (yes, you can!)... And stay tuned for a big announcement coming soon!

-- Marc & Lisa

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-Marc & Lisa