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Use List Posts as Much as Possible – They’re Easy to Read & Tweet

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Here's a great idea for you:
Create a "List Post" - they're easy to make and they get passed around

People like visually organized content because it helps them focus on the relevant aspects of an article, even when we skim through content. And admitting we’re doing it means admitting our readers are doing it as well.  

Lists are a quick fix to this. They are increasing website traffic, as their main purpose is to guide the reader through the content, to get to the parts he’s really interested in, the ones he’ll carefully read. You just throw in a serious writer, and a topic with a lot of potential and buzz around it. Then organize it in the form of a list, and you’ve got yourself a traffic winner.  5 ways to do walk dogs. or the top 7 best things to know about Tiping

Watch this video to learn how to create your own List Post:

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