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Tap into Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for content ideas

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How to Use Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) for Content Ideas for Your Video or Blog Article

When you’re creating a video or an article, you want to ensure that your content touches on important points or answers burning questions. What better way to find topic ideas than your own FAQ?

Customer queries are a great starting point… they're a gold mine of content ideas.

There are three reasons you should leverage the FAQ section of your site:

  • Since you're choosing your topics based on questions that your audience already has or is searching for, your video (or blog) content can easily attract the attention of the right users.•
  • You're showing your audience that you understand their needs and desires. You’re letting them know that you can help them. This not only makes your content worthy, but also helps you establish real credibility.•
  • When you’re working with a single question as a topic for your content, you're making things easy for your audience… because they know what to expect. And it’s easier for you to… one topic, one solution.

You'll also ensure that more people watch your entire video (or read the whole article). Further, your audience will feel confident taking action on what you teach.

Right now, pick one frequently asked question from your website, blog, or social media and create a short video or article that answers the question and solves the problem. 

Make sure to add colorful, attention-getting graphics to your video or article. Use the pre-designed templates in The Graphics Creator to make it quick and easy!

Then, upload your creation to all of your social sites, blog, and YouTube channel. 

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