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How to Use Your Brand to Promote Yourself

What do you think when you see someone drinking out of a mug with a popular business logo on it? Perhaps your thought is, “I sure wish my business was big enough to do that”, or “How did that company get to be so popular?”
Get started promoting your business by creating logos, business cards, mousepads and coffee mugs using your own logos and images!

Promote Your Business Image

Newsflash! You don’t have to be “big” or “popular” to start getting more business and make more money. You just need to have a rockin’ logo or brand image that you put in front of everyone’s eyes so that you’re sure to become “big” and “popular”.

Promote Your Business Using Your Brand Logo

What's the first thing you see in your mind when someone says "McDonald's"? The Golden Arches "M" logo, of course!

That's what you're going for when you create your logo... something simple but that stands out. It needs to be easy to recognize. However, that does not mean boring! If you have a logo you're planning on keeping but that isn't very exciting, consider how you might modify it to stand out more.

You can actually bring your logo into The Graphics Creator and try it on different backgrounds or add an outline or shape to it.

If you don’t already have a logo you love, create a brand new one with The Graphics Creator templates (watch the video to see how easy it is!) or even start with a blank canvas and import your own images.

The Best Promotional Items to Give Away

Decide whether you’d like to show off your business with mugs, mousepads, business cards, or stickers. These are the best because they are useful, simple, and inexpensive. It's just too hard to put your brand image on a pen (and clothing can get expensive).

If you go to Vistaprint, they’ve got a ton of options to choose from that’ll work within your budget.

Have a select number of items printed. Then give them out as prizes, free “with purchase”, free with a special offer attached, or to thank your most valued clients.

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