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How to Use Motion Graphics to Grow Your Business

Everyone posts memes and quotes on social media. But, we’d like to share how to stand out in this sea of posts, tweets, snaps, and messages. Use this idea to get more visitors to your website and/or to get them to engage with your company, giving you the opportunity to earn their trust. Here it is...

Use custom motion graphics!
Use The Motion Graphics Pack to ad life to your ads, Facebook and Twitter posts and blog pages!

Why Are Motion Graphics Important for Online Business?

Motion graphics communicate visually. When they're used in a group of static images and words, as is often the case in social media, they catch the viewer's eye quickly. This brings attention to your content and draws the eye away from your competitor's content. And, when text is included in your motion graphic, it provides interesting visual information.

How to Use Motion Graphics to Grow Your Business

If you’ve never used motion graphics, it can sound a bit scary. But, we’ll show you what to do to get more customers using motion graphics and grow your business, even if you don't have any design skills.

In a nutshell, you’ll create a series of social messages and then enhance them with motion graphic backgrounds. And then, you’ll post them regularly to your social media accounts with the help of a free or paid tool.

Here’s how this technique will help you grow your business, using Facebook as an example. When you post regularly to Facebook, their algorithm sees you as an active user and will start showing your posts to more and more people. And the more viewers see and comment on your post, the more Facebook will show your post!

How to Use Motion Graphics to Get Engagement on Social Media

  • Make a week’s worth of motion social graphics (plan on 4-5 per week or more): Watch the video!
  • You can use inspirational quotes from leaders in your niche (use Google to find out who you can quote and what they’ve had to say);  Or, share helpful tips from your own expert knowledge.
  • Set up a tool that’ll share your posts automatically: Take a look at the free options from Hootsuite, Buffer, SocialOomph, or Tweetdeck
  • Schedule all weekly posts (or even schedule them a month in advance)
  • And don’t forget to ask your viewers to take action in some way. Perhaps you could ask them a question like: "So, is this true for you...?". Or clearly tell them what they need to do next: "Let me know what you think of this message", or “Click on this link for more help.”

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