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How to Share Content on Social Media to Grow Your Business

You know something important that others don’t know! Yes, you do! And “your people” out there waiting for you to share an answer to their problem.

Share Helpful Content That Sells

If you’re not sure what to share, then ask yourself…

  • “What do I know that I can teach to others who don’t know it”?
  • Or, “What have I learned that now I can share?”
  • Or even, “What do I enjoy that others would too?”

Seriously, sit down and write the answers to these questions… yes, right now! It’s time to BECOME THE TEACHER your people are waiting for... simply share what you already know that’ll benefit them!

Share Content on Social Media Consistently

Follow these guidelines to easily start sharing through social media every day of the week:

  • Write out 7 tips for 7 days of posts- Each tip should be simple but give out a tip that your people can take action on right away.
  • Then include one tip each in an attention-getting graphic. You need a high-quality graphic that stands out (please do NOT use the cheesy pink/purple backgrounds that others use on Facebook). To make it super easy, you can create the perfect graphic in The Graphics Creator, and then simply modify it as desired for each expert tip.
  • Now, write each post giving careful consideration to what you want someone to do when they see it. That is, make sure it has a call-to-action. If you don’t want it to be a sales pitch, then you can tell them to “Get more tips like this”, “Sign up for my free worksheet”, or “Check back tomorrow for another tip.”
  • Auto-Schedule your 7 posts for the week

How to Auto-Schedule your Social Media Posts on Facebook

Step 1: Go to your Facebook Page and Choose Publishing Tools from the menu waayyyy at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click on Create 

Step 3: Write your post and import your graphic... Choose Photo/Video or simply drag your image in from your desktop

Step 4: Under the "Share Now" pull-down menu, choose Schedule

Step 5: Add your date and time

Step 6: Click Schedule

How to Auto-Schedule Your Posts on other Social Media Platforms

You can also auto-schedule directly on Twitter and Pinterest. However, if you're planning on posting consistently, and through many social platforms, then you may want to look into a scheduler that'll let you automate all of your posts.

Loomly, Hootsuite, and Buffer, and Tailwind (for Pinterest and Instagram specifically) are just a few of the tools to choose from.

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