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How to Advertise Your Business on a T-Shirt

Want a simple and fun way to advertise your company? Have you ever thought about designing t-shirts with your company logo or motto? And did you know that you can actually inspire conversations about your product or service, as well as visually connect with your customers?

Why You Should Promote Your Business on a T-Shirt

If you want to grow your business, bringing awareness to it is ridiculously important. Having a business t-shirt design will act as a billboard… and even better, one that goes places!

And, by getting your t-shirts in the hands of your customers, employees, or fellow conference-goers, you’ll finally be seen and remembered (so you need the perfect design). You can even encourage others to wear your t-shirts in pictures posted on social networking sites. 

Take Your Time Designing a Business Shirt

First, take the time to decide what’s right for your business. You might look up funny or inspirational quotes in your niche. And always consider using your logo, brand image, or product as a design on your shirt. Or maybe you can even match your business idea with a recent trend that’ll make your shirt really stand out!

No matter what you decide to do, make sure your design makes it absolutely clear who you are and gives them the motivation to go look you up online.

How to Design a Company T-Shirt

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Don’t just imagine the design on a T-shirt: Make a mockup of the design on a t-shirt model to see what it really looks like
  • The most popular designs are simple (however, you still need to pay attention to details)
  • Consider your market: Who is the exact person you want to attract to your T-shirt design: What are they like (male/female, age, income, ); what other brands do they like, and where would they wear your t-shirt… sorry, wearing it to bed just doesn’t count.
  • If you’re using humor, keep it subtle… what’s funny to one can be offensive to another
  • Choose the right colors: Consider using your brand colors and/or complementary colors
  • Prepare your design properly (watch the video to see how easily you can create the perfect design with The Graphics Creator)
  • Find a good printer: We use VistaPrint and count on them to have a quality T-shirt product.

Make Your T-Shirt Advertising Effective

Finally,  think about how you’re going to share your shirt. Now that you've spent the time and money to create a shirt, you want your advertising to increase your brand recognition and sales.

A t-shirt can be a very effective marketing tool because:

  1. It's a billboard, or "walking advertisement"... and it can go everywhere and anywhere!
  2. You can actually use them as decorations: Hang them on chairs, walls and car windows!
  3. They're big-time conversation starters: What does that logo mean? Do you work for that company? That's really cool... where do I get one? How do I become part of the team?
  4. It shows your brand and increases recognition!

Now, get that t-shirt out there! Consider your business goals... then decide:

Will you have a free give-away, hand them out at events, sell them at wholesale price (to get as many out there in the world as you can), let customers qualify by meeting certain criteria, or have a contest?

Get creative!

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