Software To Make Your Own Cartoon Characters!

Stop looking at stock photo sites for character images - create your own!

… without Photoshop!

If you’re selling or promoting anything online, you know you need eye-catching attention grabbing graphics…

But QUALITY graphics can get expensive

Faceless_superhero_04What if you could make your OWN characters (without Photoshop)

… and what if you could create a TON of them!?  

What if you could SELL the characters you created… ?

The Character Creator is an amazing software product that helps you create the perfect mascot character for your business and services!

Click the images below for a larger view of what you’ll get!

Introducing the brand new…

(actual screenshot created with The Character Creator!)

Its super easy to use, and really powerful! Import your own images, add some text… make banner images! If you can think it, The Logo Creator with the Character Creator Add on pack can make it happen!

The Character Creator contains over 100 different ‘body poses’! You can mix and match the heads, eyes, hands… whatever!

Over 50 different heads to use!  Put the heads over some of the smaller ‘ready-made’ images to create a BRAND NEW character!

Drop these eyes over some of the faces! The Character Creator contains over 100 different eyes to use!

The Character Creator contains “Poses with No Face!”  – drop the eyes and mouths over them and create some really cool images!

Oh yeah! You can create page headers that look really cool!

Or Ads!  … get creative!

Buy the Character Creator Before the Timer Hits zero and I’ll throw in this Amazing set of NEVER BEFORE SEEN Characters!

Once the counter hits zero, the bonus images will disappear – so grab this amazing offer quick!

Get The Character Creator AND The Bonus Characters!

The Character Creator


  • Rob A

    Reply Reply April 14, 2014

    Hey Marc, great products you develop. For the Character Creator, is there any way to put a photo of a face in any one of the heads? Just an thought to make the Character more personalized. Thanks.

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Please note … yes, you CAN re-sell the images you create with the Character Creator! If you composite a unique image … it’s your’s to resell.
…Start a Fiverr gig, or a new service selling characters.

You can’t … however, resell the images as they currently are. You must modify them.  … modify them significantly to create truly unique images. Keep in mind, others are using the software as well so the more diverse you make your new character, the better it will be for you in the end


Have fun with it all!


- Marc

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